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Why Choose WarrentChecks.org? Our company exists to help protect you and your family from dangerous, criminal predators. To put it simply, we help make sure new people in your life were never arrested for or convicted of a crime. We are a private company and have no affiliation with any government agency or the penal system. We offer paid access to a comprehensive, nationwide search system of public arrest and conviction records. Our search tools also use our proprietary technology to organize all data related to a given search subject efficiently and comprehensively. We can help you find someone even if you only have the person's maiden name by matching the former and current name to provide the result. We are more up to date and transparent than companies that claim to offer similar services for free. Those sites are not kept up to date, and many are filled with hidden charges or malware. We also offer you valuable articles about the criminal justice system you will not find anywhere else. You'll instantly access billions of public records compiled from official data sources across the nation. You may be able to find some of the information we provide from government agencies for free, but that will take longer and require much more effort than using our service.

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Recent Posts

Why Check For Active Warrants

One of the most common questions we get at WarrantChecks.org is, “Why should I check for active warrants?” It’s a fair question, because warrant check services like ours are fairly new. The main reason we give is, “Because it will protect you.”

Imagine you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend and decide to spend the night at their apartment or home. If there is an active warrant against that person, the police could break in the door in order to arrest them. And if you are there, you could be detained as well, as a suspected co-conspirator. Then you would have to get an attorney and/or post bail to get out of jail. Therefore, knowing if there was an active warrant against that person could protect you from that situation.

Now imagine that you were on vacation a couple of years ago and got a traffic ticket and forgot to pay it. If you were to be pulled over by the police for any reason, there would be an active warrant in your name and you would be arrested on the spot. It would be embarrassing, time consuming, and expensive. On the other hand, if you knew that there was a traffic warrant in your name, you could simply call up the local police station and resolve the the issue before you got arrested. This is why it is important to know if there is an active warrant in your name.

Finally, you may be concerned about your children’s friends or romantic partners. If your daughter has a new boyfriend, wouldn’t you want to make sure that he didn’t have an active warrant for rape or domestic battery? Doing a warrant check could give you peace of mind and the chance to protect your child.

What Is An Active Warrant?

Here at WarrantChecks.org, we provide you with information about active warrants. But many people may not know what an active warrant actually is. We’d like to take a minute or two to explain what active warrants are, and why they are important.

An active warrant doesn’t mean you or anyone else has necessarily committed a crime. It simply means that the police have obtained permission from a judge to find and detain you. Active warrants are generally the result of not complying with a court order or law enforcement officer.

For example, when you are given a traffic ticket, you are given a limited amount of time to pay the ticket or challenge the ticket in court. If you don’t meet that deadline, a judge may issue an active warrant to detain you until you have met your obligations.

Active warrants may also be issued against you if you post bail and fail to show up for court, or if you violate the terms of probation or parole. In other cases, a judge may issue an active warrant against you if police believe you have information about a crime but they cannot locate you.

The courts may also file an active warrant against you if you have been charged with a crime, but the police do not know your whereabouts.

In general, an active warrant gives police the right to detain you without warning and through any means at their disposal. If you find there is an active warrant against you, you need to contact an attorney right away.